Strategic Locations

IAC’s projects are in major metropolitan areas close to various modal ports, including metropolitan airports, seaports, and interstate highway systems. Each of the strategically located sites minimizes the time required to transport cargo between distribution centers and customers, thereby reducing costs for shippers.

Intelligent Routing

The Company’s projects are designed to provide efficient traffic patterns by allowing trucks maximum maneuverability and segregating truck and automobile traffic and parking. IAC’s projects are designed for both office and warehouse uses, with clear signage and roads designed for trucks.

National Leasing

Leasing space at IAC’s facilities allows tenants to negotiate leases in multiple locations with a single landlord. IAC therefore builds on established relationships with national and international intermodal freight companies and related users. Users know they can expect consistent levels of service, amenities, and professionalism from all the company’s projects located anywhere in the country.

Flexible Design Features

IAC’s projects are designed as cargo, warehouse, and office distribution facilities. Prospective tenants are offered a wide range of features, including dock-high doors and grade access doors large enough to handle air and sea containers, flexibility in office layouts, efficient building design, and acoustic considerations to minimize outside noise. IAC’s facilities are designed to allow freight to be moved as efficiently as possible.

Professional Management

IAC’s facilities are professionally managed with a full-time, in-house property management staff, which offers enhanced facility management and tenant services for IAC’s customers. The tenants that IAC’s projects attract demand high quality spaces, and the commitment to professional property management ensures their demands are met. In addition to providing the tenants with the product they demand, the same holds true for IAC’s community. It is IAC’s intent to further that first-class image by not only providing state of the art facilities, but also by maintaining them by professional property managers.